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"Enjoying life in flow is about realizing, embodying and experiencing who you really are. In essence you are consciousness. And everything that you perceive as solid physical reality, is actually vibrating energy at its deepest core. So really, we are all just playing with energy. And since energy is always responding to your consciousness, you really are the master of your own reality. The more you are able to accept this, the more you will be able to play and enjoy the game of life."

When coming to planet Earth, we totally forgot who we really are. Some more than others. But the more you remember, the harder it is to fit into this world and the way humans are used to living their lives. Mass consciousness feels limited to you.

You long to be free, like you know you already are at some level. But how do you get out? How do you get out of this limited way of being, thinking and acting? How can you become the free, sovereign, unlimited, playful being that you truly are?

That is a really good question my dear friend. And it is time we talk about it. And not just talk about it, but to actually start shifting our whole way of being, thinking and acting. It is time. You know why? Because we have remembered that we can...

"This world is longing for you to become who you really are, so you can show the way out. And the way into heaven on earth."

~ Mariëlle Duijndam

About Me

Mariëlle Duijndam

I have been on this path of remembering, awakening and letting go of the old ways of being, thinking and acting for quite a while now. I started to read about the power of consciousness when I was about 14 years old. As a teenager I was always interested in listening to the conversations of the adults around me. It was like I was learning about human energy dynamics.

But I soon started to realize that I was no normal human being. I was a multidimensional being and I was just acting like a normal human being. In 2006 I had an enlightenment experience during a deep meditation, which left me in pure laughter and joy: humans made everything so serious, but the true nature of reality was playful, light and absolutely delicious!

This experience made me beam with light for quite a while. Just by being around me, people were able to get into the same vibrational frequency. But normal daily life knocked on the door and it got clear that I needed to make some drastic changes in the way I was living my life. So I got out of the corporate world and into nature.

In 2010 I opened up my company called The Bigger Picture Coaching. I welcomed people who were interested in the Law of Attraction and effortless creation. But trying to manifest things while you are still operating from the consciousness of a normal human being, is not what it's really all about. So I had to go deeper, inside myself and outside of ordinary mass human consciousness.

I manifested some teachers on my path to guide, comfort and support me, because the further I went, the less people I had around me who I could share my experiences with. It got more and more lonely, the closer I got to fully embodying who I really am and acting like the true multidimensional being that I really am.

I have created the art on this website and the video's on my YouTube channel to share about my journey. And also hopefully to inspire you to continue on your journey from awakening to fully realizing and embodying who you really are. So you can become an enlightened leader too. Which is as simple as just being your true Multidimensional Self, without hiding and holding back. So others can see that it can be done. That it is safe and that a whole new, beautiful way of living, is waiting for them.

If you feel a strong resonance with me and/or you would like me to be a guide on your path, then feel free to connect with me on social media or by joining one of my Circles.

The best way to start is by exploring my free gifts to you: stories about my life and personal experiences that I have gone through. Scroll down for more information.

"Your true nature is effortless, flowing, whole, full of compassion and all encompassing. Can you allow this experience?"

~ Mariëlle Duijndam

About You

There is nothing more important to you than realizing and embodying who you really are. You have no bigger goal in life than to come home to your Self. You want to be done with all the searching, wanting, waiting, striving, pretending, hiding, holding back, suffering, playing small, guilt, blame and shame, victimhood and so many other games that humans play, to get energy and everything else they need, from others.

You want to live your life from a whole different level of consciousness. And you are absolutely willing to look yourself and all the aspects you've created along the way in the eye. So you can take full responsibility and integrate all the parts of you that yet do not feel seen, acknowledged and loved, by you. You want to bring all of your attention back to your Self and your own Energy, so you can fill your own cup, become fulfilled from the inside and naturally start overflowing outwards, towards others.

"When the feminine and masculine energies within you become balanced, you will have time, space, love, awareness, abundance and freedom to enjoy life."

~ Mariëlle Duijndam

The Transformation

The transformation in your mind, body and life will be big. Nobody can predict what is going to happen exactly. You will need to let go of expectations, so you will be able to allow your Self to surprise you. Where you were used to control things as a human being, you will now have to be willing to surrender to the guidance of the multidimensional being that you really are.

I will support you with that. Because letting go of control can be very scary. Together we will receive everything that comes up in your consciousness, body, mind, work, relationships and every other area in your life. First we will navigate towards the pure source of joy and energy within yourself, which is always there, no matter what you feel or what you are going through. Once you are reconnected, you can start taking steps from an energy of 'being' instead of 'doing'. Which means you are going to make choices. Real powerful now-moment choices from your heart and unlimited Multidimensional Self. Step by step, the life you were born to live, will appear.

With every step, we make sure your feminine and masculine side are balanced. So you will make decisions from a place of peace, presence, wholeness, clarity and abundance. Which will make old patterns that were based on drama, suffering and lack disappear from your life forever. Without you having to work to get rid of them, heal them or to unblock them. Every effort that is still focused on an intention like that, will only reinforce the same creation. Are you ready to let go of all of that?


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